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Trying to run a business, keep your partner happy, raise your little ones, all while drowning in self-doubt and ready to throw in the towel?

Hello, I'm Sophia and I've built successful businesses in a variety of industries from wedding photography, real estate, start-up tech, and food and farming. With an educational background in biology and clinical psychology, professional experience in the tech industry as a growth marketer, I understand why people buy and how to create a thriving business from idea to conception and catering it to your strengths. 

Each one of us has a story to tell that makes us unique. I will help you tell it to the world so that you can grow your business to replace your job and become recession proof.  

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Hi! I'm Sophia

Dani hart, growth marketer at growthgal

"Sophia is one of the most driven and down to earth people I've met in growth"

Our weekly brainstorming and accountability calls make me much more productive and give me confidence to take risks. If you're trying to level-up your growth strategy, speaking career, or other life goals, Sophia is someone that will stick by your side and make sure you get to where you want to go. ​

Erika Peterson, digital strategist at Palo alto networks

"I was fortunate to meet Sophia, an incredibly intelligent and strategic growth marketer, down-to-earth, genuine and personable mentor."​

Working at an agency, there’s a constant shuffle between client accounts. During my time on the Workday account, I was fortunate enough to meet Sophia, an incredibly intelligent and strategic growth marketer as well as a down-to-earth, genuine and personable mentor.​

jingo olaes, filmmaker at roku

"Sophia is a marketing guru and is very results-driven, but at the same time carries authenticity.​"

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sophia many times. After working together on numerous marketing video projects, I've learned many things from her. Sophia is a marketing guru and is very results-driven, but at the same time carries authenticity.​

Garrett Blythe, CTO at karmic labs

"Sophia recognized in rapid fashion where the marketing challenges were.​"

Sophia recognized in rapid fashion where the marketing challenges were. She has excellent startup instincts!

what they're saying

Craft their story and build their products or services around it.

10X their sales through audience growth on social media and customized marketing strategy to sell more products or services through targeting.

Have a business or product idea and learn how to validate it in the market and identifying the right customer profile. 

I help Entrepreneurs who are Ready to:

Bring their brand to life by infusing it with personality, making it relatable and memorable.

Integrate storytelling seamlessly into their marketing strategies for increased engagement and campaign success.

Uncover the psychological triggers that create emotional connections, forging a powerful bond with their target audience.

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Embark on a transformative journey as we collaborate to craft your unique story and propel your business to new heights. Together, we'll weave a compelling narrative that captivates your audience, builds lasting connections, and drives tangible growth. Let's unlock the potential of your brand through the art of storytelling – a powerful tool for business success.

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5 steps to build your brand, community, and sales!

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