Sophia Eng:

Growth Advisor for Women in Startups & Small Businesses, startup mentor, speaker, advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, homeschool mom, military spouse, and thankful.

Women hold unique business values that are entirely different than men! As a result, they often struggle with the status-quo startup and small business culture. Growing their business has specifically unique challenges, both professionally and personally. I’m here to empower & guide ambitious women who want to break the glass ceiling with their business ventures and grow like never before!


Sophia Eng’s “Hear Us Roar: A Manifesto for Women and Minorities in Startups, Tech, and Business Communities” and reached over 100,000 views in 3 weeks!

Women in Growth

Sophia is the Founder of Women In Growth, a community dedicated to empowering women to grow businesses. This group was created to bring together like-minded people to brainstorm with, and a place to discuss your challenges and victories. Together, we are all going to create bigger and more flourishing businesses.

Women Supporting Women Meetup in Silicon Valley

Sophia is a leader of Women Supporting Women, a community for ambitious, goal oriented women and also men who are big on supporting a woman's passion & goals. One woman's success can only help another woman's success.


Hi, my name is Sophia and I am a mom who has struggled with overwhelm between balancing my full-time job, caring for young children, building a business into the wee hours, and fitting in playdates on the weekends.

In 2007, I was an unemployed military spouse with a deployed husband. After months of applying to jobs and not getting hired, I decided to hire myself and created two profitable small businesses during the recession. I hustled hard and had to quickly learn how to grow my business with online marketing and constantly tested my marketing strategies to make over 7-figures in 18 months (and sold it)!

Today, I am a Growth Advisor and Founder of Women in Growth, a community dedicated to empowering women to grow businesses. I have been the driving force behind the revenue and user growth at Autodesk, Workday, and InVision, as well as my own consulting agency using buyer psychology as the backbone of my strategies and insights. Companies choose me due to my track record of getting the best results in the shortest amount of time, while maximizing promotion and growth budgets. Using my background in science and psychology, I have paired with ConversionXL to teach growth marketing through the lens of effective persuasive psychology.

I am an advocate for female and minority inclusion in Silicon Valley, as one of the leaders of Women Supporting Women. I have a special focus on empowering female entrepreneurs, as well as pushing the agenda for more in-depth studies on the unique psychology of female consumers.