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Hi, I'm Sophia.


I am a Web Psychologist, teaching Growth Marketing and Online Persuasive Psychology at ConversionXL, the world's leading source to help companies grow revenues online. I also teach Growth Hacking strategies to aspiring entrepreneurs at an international startup incubator in San Francisco.

High-tech startups and enterprise software companies in the Silicon Valley have hired me to drive growth to their businesses, getting more visitors to their websites and improving their conversions. I know how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time while spending the least amount of money using growth hacking strategies.

Because I'm naturally inquisitive by nature, I love to learn about what makes people click in the digital world. If you want to learn how to persuade and sell with real human psychology as the foundation, you're in the right place.

I hold my Biological Sciences degree from The George Washington University and went on to pursue my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. I understand the power of using both the scientific method and buyer psychology to start and grow businesses!

Oh, I am also a passionate believer of Christ, a wife of a military officer, and a mother of two beautiful children.


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